With my health coach certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in 2019, I decided to combine my formal nutrition and herbal medicine training with my alternative health care passion. This passion is now expanded to include sharing of information and knowledge to help others.

Here is how it began…

My health journey began in the early 1980’s when first subscribing to Prevention Magazine. The basic health education provided in this magazine led to an interest in knowing more about “alternative” health. Then, through my chiropractor, Justin Kelley, I became more familiar with the differences in western medicine and alternative approaches. However, my corporate career and later, entrepreneurship, kept this interest as an avocation.

In the early 2000’s I attended a workshop by David Winston, world-renowned herbalist. After that session, I knew that studying the medicinal properties of herbs would be my next step. However, due to a lot of life interruptions, this journey was delayed until 2006. Unfortunately, one of those “life interruptions” was the failing health of my mother. I wasn’t able to help her with any alternative health support as her last chapter unfolded. My frustration with this situation provided me with the incentive to now take the first step in formal learning – David Winston’s Two Year Herbalist Training Program. I then followed with the one-year graduate program. Then, the business I started in 2006 (Handlon Business Resources – HBR) got very busy as well as my community commitments. However, the use of healing herbs became a part of my family and friend relationships and remained an avocation.

In 2018 as I was seeking to take HBR part- time, I wanted to further my “alternative” knowledge. While doing some contemplation and soul searching that summer, I realized that the missing piece for my knowledge was a nutritional understanding. The exploration of potential schools took me to several master level programs – but they weren’t the right fit. Then, remembering that a friend had gone to a nutrition school in NYC, I followed up and began my path to IIN. I entered the accelerated program and became my own experiment as I tested the theories and learnings provided. This has led to a more healthy lifestyle both in personal and food choices…and attaining a weight set point that I thought was gone with the college years.