Combining human and environmental wellness

After I published my first book, I sought other ways to promote wellness as the pandemic shut down my initial intentions to provide small group presentations.

My first book

My thoughts turned to the environment/nature as it became one of my healing locations during COVID. As I explored possibilities using my personal experiences with caring about our environment, I became focused on water quality.

Green Pond

It is an essential resource for all living things – humans, wildlife, domestic animals, plants, insects, birds, etc; without it, none of us exist.

However, microplastics then nano plastics were in the headlines. It seems that we are all walking around with some level of plastics in our systems. A recent map of the world indicated that these plastic elements are even invading territories where humans don’t live(

So I became confused about my next steps – do I continue with the book components or do I look at providing a primer on our water quality? I took a Penn State Extension course (Master Watershed Steward) to provide more learning about the water cycles and the ways to support better water quality on all levels – ground water, surface water, storm water, lakes and oceans. It was a great course.

My dilemna continued until I heard about John Robbins and how by adopting a whole food plant-based diet we also help the environment. This approach to eating less or no meat means less cutting down forests for livestock, less air and water pollution from large/commercial farm fields and more as well as having a healthier life. So, this means that my two passions – wellness and water quality – support each other and I don’t feel so divided.

A quote from John Robbins made clear my next steps…“Your health, happiness and future of life on Earth are rarely so much in your hands as when you sit down to eat.” I signed up for the FRN Plant-based Coaching program.

When I finish this course, my book will be updated in the “Eat” and “Drink” sections along with a new section on “Connect” will be added reflecting the importance of human connection lesson that COVID so obviously gave all of us.

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