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Your Journey to Aging Well was published and released in May 2020, at the early stage of the COVID pandemic. And, although the information provided in the book was and still is on target, at the time it was difficult to get the word out. Consequently, after two COVID years, my passion waned on promoting my book. I have had several good intentions to presenting the information; but inertia had set in. I am hoping that those intentions are now going to lead to action.

Why now? Ever since the book was written, I have been like a sponge for wellness and environmental issues and online seminars. I think that it is time to “squeeze” some of that information out to share with blog readers.

So here it is – lifestyle choices are the greatest influence on our overall health/wellness. What we eat, our exercise, how much we sleep and drink water are the BASICS for being well. However, since the pandemic, one more “leg” needs to be added to the 4- legged wellness stool (East, Sleep, Drink, Move). That additional leg is “connect!” The isolation of the COVID years underscores the need to connect for our health. However, this connection needs to be with other humans…physical presence versus digital connection. Digital connections tend to provide a false sense of friendship and support; personal connections provide the grounding that are a basic human need.

Looking at this picture, I would put the connect leg right in the middle!

According to all my learning, our personal histories/DNA account for 10 – 30% of our health status. That means that 70-90% of our health we have control of – and our choices may eventually impact our children, and their children’s DNA composition. Most of the chronic illnesses that we are seeing today are linked to the choices we have made over our lifetime – diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, etc. – and it is the repetition of bad choices, which build up over the years, that lead to chronic diseases showing up in our later years.

Regardless of your age while reading this, know that your body is very responsive to being treated with the good choices. It is truly amazing that even after years of not knowing about impact of our choices our bodies still want to perform well when good choices start being made.

You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending” – CS Lewis, author

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