What have WE done…

The older I get, the more concerned I become about what our progressive world/society has done to our environment.

Recently I became aware of Silent Spring by Racheal Carson, published in 1960. She is credited with having started the environmental movement. What she wrote about in 1960 is still a concern more than 60 years later. Why don’t we learn? Is the almighty dollar more important than having quality air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat? And, how come we think that humans must conquer nature when nature has had a wonderful balance supporting all life.

More than 80 years (1940s) ago, plastics and chemicals began to be commercialized. Within 10 years, the impacts began to be realized and we still continued to turn a blind eye to these commercial practices. Strong industry lobby groups cared more about profits than the consumers and wildlife exposed to deadly side effects. Just like with the overuse of antibiotics when the germs become immune, the concerned insects and invasives are doing the same. Sound familiar?

So, whose responsibility is it to protect our environment? Certainly not industry, and government, especially now with the polarized opinions and PAC contributions. My opinion is that it is up to each of us to be environmentally aware of our own practices – in our homes, in our communities through our purchase decisions, lifestyle habits and

We have stretched Mother Nature to the brink. If everyone does their own part, our collective efforts can help to bring back the balance that is so needed. What will your actions be?
pond's wetlands

Rachel’s book is hard for me to read, as I find it incomprehensible that we have been alerted to the environmental concerns for 60 years and have done little. However difficult the read is, my action related to this post is to finish the book and then put my energies on my 3rd book – Your Journey to Healing Our World.

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