Although this is my most favorite time of the year, it came quickly this year. There seems to be less time between seasons the older I get. I guess that means that we should learn to slow down and enjoy each day. Simple words but hard to do in this crazy world with Ukraine’s war, US election mid-terms, environmental threats, etc.

My approach – take time for meditative thought each day…maybe only a few minutes, 5 minutes or 15. If done, first thing in the morning, before opening the computer, email or texts, it helps to put a balance factor into your thinking. I like to find spiritual or mindful quotes to include and rotate into my time.

So here is one of my favorite quotes…Deepak Chopra
– Take time each day for nature
– Practice non-judgement
– Take a gift wherever you go…could be a smile or hello
– Witness all choices; ask heart for guidance
– Practice acceptance; no need to defend self
– Practice present moment awareness
– Allow self and others the freedom to be as they are
– Ask, how can I help?

I hope that you find this helpful as well.

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