Water, water everywhere? or not?

For those that know me, I am a passionate eclectic! There are many areas and issues that I am interested in. It is sometimes difficult to stay focused in one area. Note, I said eclectic and not ADD.

My key areas as you can gather from this site are health/wellness and the environment. They both have a variety of sub areas that I explore periodically. However, right now, I am focusing on water – surface, ocean, ground water, drinking water …to me the relationship between water and wellness is extremely important AND, with our changing climate, very timely. Hence, I am working on my second book – I am hoping to make it into a series using components of Your Journey to Aging Well.

I am still in the research phase for this book. However, I came across a saying from UNICEF
“-The world needs to get water smart. Everyone has a role to play, and we cannot afford to wait.”

Although my book will provide the reader with history, understanding and guidance, please don’t wait to begin your own efforts to help preserve our water sources.

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