Summer 2022

I am wondering if you are like me, still making adjustments to attending events, meeting with people, trying to regain the fluid conversational flows that existed pre-COVID… it’s amazing how two years can evaporate time, impact abilities and confidence.

How does one recoup those skills and abilities once taken for granted? Just like with physical exercise, practice and challenges to reach the next level. My go to is motivational books and materials AND I continue to challenge my learning through online courses.

Recently I have begun to schedule one-on-ones again – coffee at Panera’s, lunch at a local restaurant… all providing a stretch in the summer of 2022.

Regarding the time lapse, what makes it tolerable is that everyone is experiencing it, so I know it is not my age! Now, we start to laugh about our ability to time date events, all except March 13, 2020.

I wanted to share in this post, wisdom from Deepak Chopra. I was privileged to interview Dr. Chopra this past March for WDIY 88.1FM* when he came to the Lehigh Valley. I have followed him and read his books since the 1990s. Let me share the seven actions that I have gleaned from his work – ones that I use in my daily meditation.pond wildlife

1 – Take time each day for nature. (A great reset for everyone and pets!)
2 – Take a “gift” wherever you go. (Could be a smile, trinket or expressed gratitude)
3 – Witness all choices; ask heart for guidance. (Heart is our intuitive mind; ego is our “barking dog!”)
4 – Practice acceptance – no need to defend self.
5 – Practice present moment awareness (We often live in the past or future, today should be our focus)
6 – Allow self and others the freedom to be as they are. (Practice non-judgment)
7 – Ask – how can I help?

I hope that you find value in some, if not all of these gems of wisdom.

* You can find this interview in the archives or major podcast channels.

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