Prescription: 15-30 minutes a day in nature

In late February, I listened to a TedTalk from Dr. Nooshin Razani,a Tennessee pediatrician, which focused on our nature needs starting as children. She said that being able to play outside is critical to the development of skills needed as adults – skills that don’t come with computer games and digital interaction. This is important up to about age 11.

Then I thought about my love of nature and reminiscing about my childhood. I remember being outside most of every day that I wasn’t in school – didn’t matter what season. My neighborhood friends and I built tents out of material, clothesline and clothespins; we “sold” mud pies from our brick oven ( a pile of Dad’s construction bricks) and climbed trees to be up high and in our special space. In the summer months we stayed out until it was too dark to play and spent the last few minutes watching the lightening bugs.

It’s amazing how we can go full circle…I traded in my outdoor play for team sports in high school and college, and a bit longer. I majored in Parks and Rec but lasted only 6 years in the field until I got wrapped up in business. Now in my 3rd chapter, I am finding my way back to the appreciation and love of nature and its importance to our health – mental and physical.

The past two years of limited social lives, muffled communication and ZOOM meetings underscore the importance of being outside and being in nature. It resets our attitudes, helps increase attention span and allows the mind to be more creative.

I have read recent articles about how the medical field is now looking at the outdoors as a way to balance our lives. I have always known that when an attitude adjustment or need to get out of a stuck mind occurs, fresh air and the sights and sounds of nature provide the reset. How about you? Would a daily prescription of nature help your day?

Dr. Razani provided a great analogy – take a tree bath. The first day of Spring was March 20th…start your tree bathing prescription!

Shuffling through the leaves

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