It all starts with dirt…

Recently I took an online course from Rodale Institute’s virtual campus on “Being a Regenerative Consumer.” I recommend that anyone interested in their health and the health of our planet, make the time to take this course.

According to Dr. Stoll (Plantician Project), David Winston (Center for Herbal Studies), Joshua Rosenthal (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) and many others, food is medicine. Each individual will eat about 1 ton of food annually. If this food (plant or animal) is grown with herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics or other chemicals, the end result is that we consume these chemicals as well and our soil’s (dirt’s)nutrient value is degraded. Not only is our health at risk, so is the health of any children that we bring into this world.

Did you ever wonder why so many young children have some type of cancer or birth defects?

600 of these added chemicals along with heavy metals will tend to be stored in our body fat because our bodies don’t know what to do with them. And, then there is the inflammatory impact. Our bodies think the WE may have a purpose for these additives; actually, it is food industry marketing that has taken over our brains! This is why many of our chronic diseases today (diabetes, neurological, respiratory, cancer, to name a few) are considered lifestyle diseases…related to the food we eat.

Organic agriculture means the crop/livestock is grown/raised in soil that is non-HMO, no chemicals, antibody free. It takes 3 years for a farm to transition from conventional farming to being able to farm under an organic label.

Regenerative agriculture is the approach that Rodale Institute has been promoting over the past several years. It is a step beyond organic agriculture. Regenerative agriculture is about actively improving resources and practices that build healthy soil and trap carbon in soil. Rodale Institute has introduced Regenerative Organic Certified (ROC) that encompasses soil, animals, people.

Soil is very much alive and provides a foundation for all of life. And, healthy soil can provide 25% more nutrition, 40-60% more antioxidants (defense against inflammation) and reduce disease risk. Soil is also a natural filter for many of our water sources.

With my own vegetable gardens, I though one HAD to till every year in addition to rotating crops. I didn’t realize that my tilling was putting more carbon dioxide into the air, as well as damaging a valuable network of microorganisms underneath the soil. Although my current garden is about ¼ the size of my past one, I will be gently working the soil to not disturb this network.

According to a United Nations report, we have 60 years left for soil to be able to adequately produce. And, that report was provided prior to the world chaos/destruction being provided by Russia.

I challenge you to become a better-informed consumer… take this online course from Rodale’s virtual campus – it’s free and provides a wealth of information.

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