Time to get back to … and look forward…

My desire to keep blogging and promoting my book veered off course this first quarter. A number of events, personally and nationally, left me in a “dulled” state. I found it hard to regain any enthusiasm – perhaps that was due to a year of COVID 19 – limited contact, alot of alone time. My greatest accomplishment was that of maintaining my health and fitness routine. I experimented with food preparation, I took daily outdoor walks, made a quasi training room in the basement (not as pretty as a gym but I didn’t need to wear a mask!) and continued with kickboxing. However, I just couldn’t sit down to create.

Spring has always been a time of renewal for me, although I do love all the seasons. Seeing the daffodils start to break through the soil always brings a sense of Mother Nature’s awakening spirit. It also helps that these daffodils were originally planted by my mother over 25 years ago…so it provides a reminder of Mom as well.

With this blog I am committing to be more diligent in sharing informaton that I have gleaned from my research and classes. So please stay tuned…

I wish all readers the opportunity to begin to look forward, have hope and set some goals to achieve, which will become your spring journey.

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