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Although the Covid19 vaccine is now being distributed, it is extremely important that you keep up your own body’s immunity. Don’t rely on a vaccine for all your COVID immune support.

As noted in many medical reports, outside of flu, there are many other common (unfortunately) impacts to an impaired immune system…auto immune diseases such as Lupus, MS, Graves Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes, Heart disease to name a few. These diseases are often caused by an immune system that no longer has an “off” switch. It is important to know more about this system.

In my book Your Journey to Aging Well (pp34-37) the states of the immune response system are provided: Alarm, Adaptive, Extended release, Exhaustive or chronic. It is this last state where there no longer seems to be an “off” switch and our bodies are no longer able to return to a Rest state.

What events and circumstances can cause this low-grade, continuous inflammation?
– Lack of exercise – movement especially large muscle movement helps to move the lymph system which is our drainage system; helps to rid bodies of toxins.
– Carrying extra weight – extra weight means our body systems have to work harder. Believe it or not, we do have a natural weight at which our bodies function best.
– Poor eating – this generally goes along with extra weight – we are not eating enough of the nutrients our bodies need to function well
– Dehydration – not drinking enough water
– Lack of sleep – as adults, not getting enough 7-8 hours of sleep on a consistent basis; doesn’t allow our bodies to rebuild, reset and prepare
– Stress – this one really sneaks up on us; we may not overtly feel stressed, but whatever we are doing is providing internal stress.

Our bodies always try to adapt to our habits; however, making lifestyle choices that result in no exercise, eating nutrient empty foods, etc. generally result in a long term health condition that limits the fighting capabilities of our immune system and potentially a chronic disease.

As you look towards a better year in 2021, hopefully one without COVID19, why not consider making better choices to support your immune system and health in general?

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