It’s that beautiful fall time…

As we see the leaves changing colors and falling to the ground, we know that the winter months are soon here, at least in the US northeast. And, the colors provided by our trees has been spectacular. It has been several years since I have seen such vibrant colors…something positive in these pandemic times. Thank you Mother Nature! (FYI – the picture shows fallen leaves from the same tree)

This cooler weather is a time when I like to get outside, grab an apple and go for long walks, hike in the woods and air out the house. In addition, I like to air out blankets, clothing and sheets. Nothing is more soothing to me than going to sleep in a bed made with air fresh sheets! Talk about memories that flood back…when growing up, weekly wash was always hung outside, electric dryers were just starting to become available. Although this brings back fond memories of Mom, I don’t quite go to her extent of ironing the sheets! Besides, ironing would just take out some of the fresh air smell.

This is also the start of hibernation for some creatures. With the darker days and earlier nights we tend to cacoon. Here are several tips that I would suggest that you consider for the next few months:

Move – Keep up your exercising as it is good for your immune system. If walking, make sure to wear easily seen clothing – white, yellow and/or reflective. I have witnessed too many early morning or late day walkers in dark colors…too hard to see them when driving. Also, carrying a small flashlight can be helpful.
Sleep – Keep your regular schedule of 7-8 hours in a cool bedroom. Our bodies work best with a sleep routine.
Eat – Although local produce may not be available, frozen vegetables and fruit can help provide some of the needed nutrients. Watch out for the holiday meals and goodies. Samples or small portions are okay, especially if a walk can be taken after a holiday meal.
Drink – Keep your water bottle handy, regardless of the season. Dehydration can occur in cold as well as warm months.

Check out my immune blog on herbs and supplements that you may want to keep on hand to help boolster your immune system.

Make the most of each season as it appears.

Please share with me your ways to enjoy the fall and winter months.

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