Immune support foods

According to WebMd, the following food and herbs are good to have on hand as flu/cold season approaches. I have highlighted(bold) some of my personal favorites.
Button mushrooms
Acai berry
Yogurt – live and active cultures
Tea – white, green, black
Sweet potato
Garlic – raw provides the essential oils
Miso – can be added to other sauces
Chicken soup; more on chicken soup in next blog -did you know that there are over 201 million chicken soup recipes on the internet?
Pomegranate juice

And some foods to avoid during this season of infections…
> processed foods
> sugary foods/drinks
> greasy foods
> hard to digest grains i.e. grains that are not flaked, cracked, puffed, popped or ground before being consumed.
> alcohol
> caffineated drinks

And, be sure to keep hydrated. Being dehydrated often adds to illness symptoms.

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