Arming your body’s defense system

The winter of 2020-2021 could provide many challenges – physically, emotionally and financially. However, providing your body with the best immune support is critical to handling any of these confrontations … cold, flu, covid, depression, etc. Understanding and keeping a healthy immune system is my blog priority for fall 2020.

As such, in the wellness blog area, the components of the immune system will be defined. The herb blog will feature those herbs that help support our immune function. Next is the impact of foods – organic and processed. This will be followed by physical/emotional impacts on our immune systems and the importance of mindset and exercise.

Next will be recipes of foods that support our immune functions – those that help to support in advance and those that may help to lessen the affects once the bug has arrived.

Although maintaining a healthy immune system is important in every season, the culmination of all today’s negative energies reflected in people, environment,elections, news and social media tend to wear us down. This puts our immune system at risk when the real invaders (virus, bacteria) show up.

So stayed tuned…come back to this website to learn ways to support your body’s defense systems.

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