Not already… although unusual summer 2020 hasn’t been long enough

When you start to see the hay being baled, you know that the summer is coming to a close and fall will be quickly upon us. Although fall is my favorite season of the four (fall, spring, summer, winter, in that order), I am not ready to turn the page. The summer of 2020 has been unusual at best and it doesn’t seem to have been long enough.

It is starting to get darker before 8 pm and the sun doesn’t seem to shine before 6 am…the shorter days are coming quickly.

What is special about fall are the brilliant colors of the trees, pumpkins, pumpkin spice coffee (or anything!), Halloween, Thanksgiving and being able to open up the windows to have nature refresh and cool the house.

It is also a time to start thinking about strengthening your immune system. When weather requires us to be indoors, that is when we seem to be most susceptible to virus’ and illnesses. So how do you prepare?
First, eat nutritional foods, get plenty of sleep and hydrate
Second, continue to exercise regularly
Third, consider purchasing supplements like Vitamin C, Elderberry, Echinacea, Lemon Balm, or tinctures that have adaptogens and sinus support herbs. I also stock up on garlic cloves.
Fourth, as with COVID precautions, continue to wash your hands and keep them from your face. Our eyes, nose and mouth can be an open door to unwanted bacteria and virus’.

Do you have a Neti pot? This time tested device which uses water and salt, really helps to clean out nasal passages and is more natural than nasal sprays. According to research it is best to use distilled, filtered or cooled, boiled water as tap water may contain some unwanted particles. More information is available at:

As we round out this memorable (or cancelled) year of 2020, let’s prepare ourselves mentally and physically, for new beginnings, new routines…a new normal and renewed commitment to being healthy.

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