It’s official… an interview as an author!

I just wanted to share that I had my first interview as an author this month. It was on WDIY 88.1 FM’s Lehigh Valley Discourse program. My interview with James Johnson is the second half of this hour show.

Although I have been interviewing others for LV Discourse the past 11-12 years, I must admit that it is a bit different in the other seat at the microphone. If you are curious about my book, this interview will provide some insight as to the content and structure.

Below is the link to this show which also can be found on the website

The audio book has been recorded and the ebook sent for creation. Both should be available by end of summer. I will announce the availability on this site as well as LinkedIn( and Facebook. Hard copy is available anywhere books are sold – on line, bricks and mortar.

Update: August 31, 2020 – Audible now has the audio book available and another interview set for Nuestro Valle on RCN with Jose Antonia Ortiz for late September

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