I am pleased to announce…

On May 12th, I became a published author! My book, Your Journey to Aging Well, was published. This happened to coincide with my 70th birthday – not sure how that happened so quickly! Regardless, I owe my thanks and gratitude to Jennifer Bright of Momosa Publishing for her guideance in this effort.

It is especially important as communities start to come out of the pandemic’s lockdown, that we pay strict attention to our own health along with abiding by the CDC guidelines – social distancing, masks, washing hands, etc. This book speaks to what one needs to understand to make healthy choices in life.

COVID 19 is a perplexing bug to our immune system. We need to do everything we can to keep our bodies functioning well. Check out the “herb” blog as I have a youtube link from Andrea Beaman, Health Coach and Herbalist, addressing things you can do now to support your health…especially if we experience another wave.

I am waiting for my copy of the book to review and make sure it printed correctly. Then, I will begin to share it with health professionals, interested groups and friends. It is available on Amazon now, if you want to see it. Should you purchase a copy, thank you! And, if you could provide feedback to me, I would appreciate it.

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