Pandemic survival tips

This is certainly a year of disruption, which in my mind will lead to an evolution within our culture and businesses. However, first thing we need to do is focus on today and keeping our health intact.

From my perspective, and using myself as the example, I wanted to share what I am doing to keep healthy.
1. Physical Health – I am focusing on my immune system – taking care to eat healthy, avoid junk food (it just clogs things up) and walking a lot! Our lymph system circulates by our body movement, walking and exercising are extremely important to keeping it flowing. I have also put a makeshift workout area in the basement, nothing like a commercial gym, but I can do strength, balance, core and flexibility exercises.

Deep Breathing – COVID 19 is an upper respiratory infection. Therefore, I am trying to keep my lungs and sinus’ as strong as possible. Breathe in to count of 5, hold for count of 7, exhale to count of 10. When breathing in expand your belly – this helps lung capacity while also massaging our hearts.

Side note: I recently read that COVID 19 doesn’t like the vibrations that occur in our upper respiratory tract caused by humming. So while walking I am humming – unfortunately, I go back to Row, row, row your boat, Someone in the kitchen with Dinah, Do you believe in magic and Here comes the sun. Of course, I don’t know all the words so I just repeat what I know. Therefore, by the end of the walk I need to shake these out of my head!

Another note: healthy eating – I am avoiding or minimizing milk related products as they can produce mucus – things like cheese, ice cream, milk. I don’t want my immune system to have to work through a challenge like that while needing energy for any invasive virus.

And last, I have added elderberry syrup to my daily vitamin routine. There have been several studies that indicate the potential effectiveness of this berry against virus’ and bacteria. I found the syrup in the grocery store vitamin section.

2. Mental Health– listening to the news once a day for updates. The 24 x 7 reporting of this pandemic can wear you down and affect your physical health as well as your mental health. And, I get outside as much as possible for fresh air, sun (when it is out) and vitamin D.

Side note: Airing out your residence is not only refreshing, but also can help with keeping good air flow. The Moravians back in the 1700s knew this and had less disease in their “hospitals” than those that kept areas airtight.

3. Human and Spirit Connection – since we are distanced and staying in home, calls to others, emails, and catching up on social media (I basically just read versus post) are good. There were a couple of great jokes that definitely had me laughing when I read them. And tonight, my friends and I are having a virtual wine hour together.

Meditation has always helped me – good times and bad. Having more time now means that I am able to be more consistent with this practice. It allows me to focus on what is really important. I also practice my deep breathing at this time as well.

4. Activities – I am working on mending, cleaning closets and attic, cleaning out computer files- many friends going through pictures now, and much to my surprise, daily house cleaning. I just hope that the latter doesn’t become a habit that is hard to break!

As we go through this together, let’s make sure we honor each other, those that provide the health services, those that supply the health needs and know that we will be stronger when the light shines at the end of this tunnel.

As you can tell by the picture, I am now closing the computer and heading out to work on the garden beds.

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