Of all farmland, just 1%…

As we think about our health, one of our core needs is good quality food. Quality food is grown by having good nutrients in our soil, regardless of whether food is plant or pasture based. This means that the soil must contain the nutrients that all life requires.

According to the Rodale Institute, 99% of our farmland is not providing the required nutrients and putting us and our families at risk.

I have followed the Rodale Institute for years admiring the position taken by J.I. Rodale in the 1940s, then his son, Robert and now Jeff Moyer, CEO. They pushed back against the “manufacturing & industrial model” for farming. Consequently they have almost 75 years of results to support the independent and organic farming approach. According to a recent letter “transitioning just one acre of farmland to organic removes nearly 5 pounds of chemicals from the environment. By increasing organic acreage to 5%, (this will) protect your family from nearly 125 million pounds of toxic chemicals that have devastating effects on your health…”

When we really think about providing our bodies with critical basic needs, we should look to our soil and how it is being used. Some of your thoughts or questions should be: do we plant a variety of crops, are crops rotated, do fields lay fallow to regenerate, do we utilize natural sources for fertilizer, do we eliminate the use of chemicals for either weed control or plant growth?

The foundation of our body health is the health of our cells. Our cells depend upon the nutrition we provide through eating. It is calculated that an adult will eat 25 tons of food over his/her lifetime. Please consider making 2020 the year that you evaluate your food choices – seasonal, whole, organic and, if possible, support local independent farmers through community markets or purchasing community shares.

To learn more, please go to: www.rodaleinstitute.org

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