Sugar and spice … finding natural sweeteners for your holiday baking

With the Holiday Season upon us, we often think about getting our inventory of cookies ready for family and friends. This year, how about trying a more natural approach for the sweetener? Instead of using white cane sugar, find a natural substitute that will provide your cookies with great flavor and more healthy.

The taste may be slightly different but it will provide nutritional value not found in white sugar. [And just want to mention here that there is also no nutritional value to processed white flour.]

My go to sugar substitute is coconut palm sugar; it can be used as a healthy replacement for both white and brown sugar. And, it is easy to use. I use the same proportions – 1 C white/brown sugar = 1 C coconut palm sugar.

Some other easy substitutes that you may want to consider include:
Honey – for every 1 C white sugar, use ¾ C honey. And, reduce liquid by ¼ C and reduce your oven
temperature 25 degrees.
Maple Syrup – for every 1 C white sugar, use 3/4 C and reduce liquid by 3 TBSP; one
source also suggests using ¼ tsp baking soda
Molasses – sources vary here; 1 C sugar = ½ C molasses (other source suggests 1 1/3 C molasses) and
reduce liquids by 5 TBSP
Agave Nectar– sources vary here; 1 C sugar = ¾ C nectar (other source suggests 2/3 C agave);
reduce liquids by 4 TBSP

It may take some experimentation to determine the best level of sweetness for your baking delights.

There is no need to eliminate “Christmas cookies” from your holidays – continue baking and enjoy these healthier versions.

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