Pay now or Pay later…what price do you put on your health?


Although there has been a rising awareness and support for organic foods, the percentage of people that shop for organic remains small; according to some reports, 5.7 % as of 2018*.  What if that percentage could be raised to 15% or 20% in the next year or two?  Can you imagine the positive impact for your health as well as the support and sustainability for our small, local independent farms?

There is a perception that buying organic is more expensive.  If you compare $ to $, that might be the case.  However, you can’t compare the food quality and nutrients…or for that matter the impact on a on a longer, healthier life.  To me, the choice is obvious.

In addition, since many of the industrial and manufactured foods have little nutritional value, they actually increase your hunger.  Whereas, whole and organic foods generally provide more complex nutrition which sustains the body longer.

If you live in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley, there are a number of farmers market throughout the Spring – late Fall seasons (check out Buy Fresh, Buy Local); and several are available year round – such as Easton Farmers Market, Allentown Farmers Market.  And, just introduced this year is Local Food Market LV for year round online access to produce and healthy meals (delivery locations, schedules are listed on the website).

Since I have a CSA share at Good Work Farm, I will be looking to Local Food Market LV to help cover the winter months.  Pictured here is a photo of my recent share pick up.  I love to experience the wide range of produce and experimenting in the kitchen.

Here are some websites to  help you find organic and/or best produce:

Local Food Market LV                                                        
Buy Local Buy Fresh – directory of farmers markets in LV
“Dirty and Clean” fruits and vegetables                         



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