Live to Eat or Eat to Live?

Not so long ago, I would have put myself in the “live to eat” category – I love food – all cultures, all sorts of crazy combinations.  Then I took the Integrative Nutrition (IIN) course – now I “eat to live” and you know what, I am enjoying this food more, especially because I know that I am fueling my body appropriately.

If I go back through diaries, I see many years that I noted that I was going to eat better, be more thoughtful about my choices, be more healthy.  However, these were statements made without the understanding of what is required and how the body actually uses food choices. IIN has given me an understanding that now allows me to make wise choices, which are just as delicious and honestly, more satisfying.

I still find myself occasionally wanting those chips or veggie strips, a good sweet dessert…and believe it or not, I just have 1 chip…just for that salty, crunchy taste, or some ice cream for a that sweet experience.  This “taste” is sufficient to put my “mental desire” in check.

So how would you respond to this question – do you – Eat to Live or Live to Eat?

Want to learn more about eating for a healthy and well body?  There are a number of websites that provide a wealth of information. is one that I review daily…and test my knowledge.  Or, contact me and schedule a free health history session with me – either in person or via phone. I would enjoy finding ways to support you with your food choices.

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