Tarragon…or is that licorice?

The anise flavor is the first taste that I recognize when using tarragon. This subtle taste appears to be well suited for recipes with chicken, fish and vegetables as well as some drinks.  I just made a tarragon chicken salad that was pretty scrumptious.  My husband even liked it! I will post this recipe in the future.

There are two types of tarragon, French and Russian and the plant is part of the sunflower family – Asteraceae (that is probably another reason for my attraction)..  It can be found wild* in North American and Eurasia. According to research, the French tarragon is preferable as the Russian is more bitter.  French cuisine is noted for its use of tarragon as a culinary herb.

As a healing herb, tarragon has been used with digestion problems, poor appetite, tooth ache, and water retention, to name a few.  It is known as a source of potassium.

However, as with all healing herbs, before taking, look for the contraindications and precautions related to use. You can find this information online at WebMD, contact a practicing herbalist, or talk your health food professional. (https://www.webmd.com/vitamins/ai/ingredientmono-661/tarragon)

As with all herbs, whether culinary or healing, if wildcrafting (foraging for useful plants in their natural, wild habitat for edible or medicinal purposes), please be careful about noticing the environment in which they are growing (i.e. avoid highways where chemicals can impact them, polluted water source, etc.) as well as supporting the sustainability of the herb – don’t over harvest an area.


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