What’s in your gray matter?

Just because you are getting chronologically older, doesn’t mean that your brain will deteriorate. Our brains can continue to grow and expand, IF we lead a healthy life and continue to learn, i.e. challenge our brains. Ongoing learning will increase the synapses between neurons and slows brain aging.

A healthy life for the brain also means having a quality blood supply and healthy weight. Clean eating (i.e. no chemicals, fillers, non-food substances) provides quality blood for our brain supporting the capabilities that we often take for granted – our intelligence, character, planning, decisions. And, for me, the clean eating naturally took my weight down to a comfortable weight I hadn’t seen since college!

In addition to continuous learning and quality blood supply, here are a few more activities which can help to slow the brain aging process –
Physical health/exercise
Eight hours of sleep
Positive peer group
Protection (wear bike helmet, please!)
Clean environment –seasons may vary with air quality challenges
Manage stress – gratitude and meditation help here
And, you may want to replace some coffee with green tea.

Remember, our brain is a part of everything that we do. And to do our best in daily living (think, feel, act) we need to have a good quality of blood flowing to it.

To quote Dr. Daniel Amen* – “change your brain, change your life.”

*You can find more about Dr. Amen and his brain research – http://danielamenmd.com/

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