The Earth-Plant-Us connection

Food has been declining in nutritional value since the early 1940s. In 1947, JI Rodale, an organic pioneer began the organic and sustainable farming crusade.*

And Dr. Daphne Miller**, in her book Farmacology, Total Health from the Ground Up , addresses the decreasing nutritional values as being connected with the quality of earth/soil that grows the food. She sees the role of the farm to be:

#1 a vitamin – nutrients transfer from soil to plants which feeds our gut bacteria
(the best vitamins and minerals for our bodies are those that we get directly from plants)
#2 immune support
#3 community medicine
#4 earth healer

Farming prior to the 1940s was mainly done on small, independent, family-owned farms. Today, the farms where a majority of our food is grown have become large corporations with an industrialized approach not only to planting/growing/harvesting crops, but also in their use of pesticides/herbicides.

The continuous planting of limited crops using chemicals without fallow times for land regeneration has weakened the soil’s nutritional content.

One way to support the health of soil locally is to join a CSA (community supported agriculture). These dedicated farmers have a true love for the land and what it offers. And, you get local fresh, seasonal product which is nutritious to your body.

For more information about the Rodale Institute founded by JI Rodale:
For more information about Dr. Daphne:**
To find a local CSA –

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