Long before the introduction of western medicine, the early civilizations used herbs for both food and medicine. In fact, western medicine has borrowed from these early practices to create some of the medicines that address symptoms. And, that is a primary differentiator between wholistic approaches and modern (western) approaches – wholistic seeks to find the root cause of a dis-ease and bring the body to balance (homeostasis) whereas modern medicine may use a portion of an herb (or chemical equivalent) to help alleviate a symptom but doesn’t necessarily seek to get to the root of the problem or balance the system.

Ayurvedia and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are examples of practices that have thousands of years of history and practice; other civilizations, including American Indians have a rich knowledge in the use of herbs/plants native to America for both healing and food.

The connection between food and herbs helps to nourish us on several levels including providing a source of energy, system cleansing and healing. The “connectiveness” is what I hope you will learn as you continue to follow

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