Sally Handlon is founder and president of Handlon Business Resources (HBR) LLC, a WBENC certified business, located in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. HBR is a short term project management partner to executives and business owners in implementing the long, overdue recommendations to move the company forward. In Stephen Covey’s matrix, HBR addresses the important, non-urgent priorities.

My Journey

With my health coach certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), I decided to combine my formal nutrition and herbal medicine training with my alternative health care passion. This passion is now expanded to include sharing of information and knowledge to help others.

...were you aware that...

Health Care Costs

We hear alot today about the escalating costs of health (disease) care in the US. Here are a couple of comparisons with other countries.
(information source: The Body by Bill Bryson)

Average cost of MRI in US
Average cost of MRI in Netherlands
Insulin costs in US is ___ times more than in Europe
Your counter label


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