Sally Handlon is founder and president of Handlon Business Resources (HBR) LLC, a woman-owned business, located in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. HBR is a short term project management partner to executives and business owners in implementing the long, overdue recommendations to move the company forward. In Stephen Covey’s matrix, HBR addresses the important, non-urgent priorities.

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Senior Health Facts by CDC

With all our health knowledge today, we should be able to exceed the CDC’s current Older Person’s Health statistics!

Life expectancy at 65 years
Women's life expectancy at 65 years
Men's life expectancy at 65 years
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WDIY Public Radio Host

I have had the good fortune to be a monthly host for Lehigh Valley Discourse on our local NPR station, WDIY 88.1 fm, streaming on and now on a …